IEC CON 2015
IEC National’s annual awards were presented this year at the Leadership
Luncheon and Awards Gala at IEC Con 2015.  During the Leadership Luncheon, the Florida West Coast Chapter was recognized for its members’ generous contributions to the IEC National Foundation. The Chapter was also applauded for achieving the designation of a Certified Training Advantage Chapter. In addition, Executive Director, Reina Mora-Blackwelder was recognized for the Chapters exceptional membership growth of 27.45%.

At the Awards Gala, the Chapter’s leadership and staff were presented a plaque recognizing their efforts in organizing the Convention.  The evening only grew more exciting as the Chapter received the highly coveted 2015 Apprenticeship Chapter of the Year Award. 

Contractor, G.H. “Bud” Wooten was honored with the “Legacy Award” for his service over the years to the Chapter and to IEC National.  For his peers to pay tribute to his years of service provided a touching conclusion to the ceremony.

Chapter contractors were well-represented on the awards dais by APG Electric for winning two Excellence in Construction awards including Excellence in Commercial Construction for contract amounts over $5,000,001 and Excellence in Low-Voltage Systems Construction by striving for innovation and total quality.

Sign Up Today for the Home Depot Incentive Program!
The Home Depot has announced a new incentive program that is exclusive for IEC Members. All who enroll in the program receive a two percent rebate on all qualifying pre-tax purchases. In addition to the rebate for customers, the Home Depot will donate a 1/2 percent of all the sales in this program to the IEC Foundation. There is no fee to participate.

Benefits Include:
· Enroll to receive a 2% annual rebate on all qualifying pre-tax purchases. Annual rebate is January 1 through December 31.
· There is no cost to enroll
· You can register any form of payment accepted at the Home Depot– including checking accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and Home Depot accounts.
· Rebate payments are issued annually, within 60 days of the end of the rebate period.
· Track spending, savings and member status by program
· View and export detailed transaction records
· Access account through your mobile phone
Make certain you get credit by entering your unique agreement code: IEC

How to Register Your Account:
· Go to HomeDepot.com/prorewards
· Log in by clicking on the Registration button
· You will need your FED Tax ID number,  credit card account numbers utilized when shopping at Home Depot and your account  log in information if you already have an online account with Home Depot.
· Enter your contact information for your account. Enter and confirm your primary email address and password
· Select your communication and store preferences. Select your language and business/trade using the drop down menus
· Check the programs you would like to join (the menu will automatically show eligible Pro Rewards programs in your area)
· You may then choose to add account IDs at this time, or log in to add later (Remember to enter your agreement code IEC before clicking continue
· Re-enter your primary phone number and click Complete Registration. You will receive an email confirming your registration. If you do not receive an email, please contact 1-866-333-3551 for assistance. Please contact Alicia Archibald after you have completed your registration so that your business can be recognized in our publications.

Some IEC Contractors have run into a problem signing up for the ProRewards Program. The Home Depot’s customer support team advises that there have been some changes in the log in process that you should know about.
It is now done by email name so if you have more than one email, or if an email wasn't registered at the time of sign-up, you will need to call The Home Depot Customer Support Department and have them add that address. Their direct number is  866-333-3551, option 4.

Supporting the Home Depot allows the IEC Foundation to provide resources for our Chapter. In the past, the IEC Foundation has donated:
Equipment  $208,298; Cash  $27,850; Software  $12,600
Scholarships  $2,000
TOTAL  $250,748
Save money and support the IEC-FWCC by signing up today!